About Us

About Us

25 Years Of Experience In Landscaping Services

Kennedy Landscaping is an industry leader in providing high-quality landscape maintenance and installation. Servicing the lower mainland since 1994 as ethical leaders in the community, we have acquired a reputation for professionalism and environmental conscientiousness. We have successfully expanded our operation by investing in people and strive to enhance the well being of everybody that we interact with.

our Mission

At Kennedy Landscaping, our customers are our top priority. Through our solid reputation for prompt, quality work, we strive to continue providing courteous and valuable service to every customer.

our Vision

We offer services for all landscaping needs, from concept to completion. It is our primary focus to create visually appealing outdoor spaces that balance functional needs with creative concepts.

our values

The relationships that we build while conducting business are of the utmost importance to us. Built on a base of relationship conservation, the values central to our operation include:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Environmental sustainability

Our Team

Chuck is the backbone of our operation, he has built the company from the ground up through relentless work-ethic, prompt service, and tremendous relationship conservation. With more than 25 years in business experience, Chuck leads by example when overseeing our operation and is proficient in setting our pace.

Brandon, Chuck’s eldest son, is the first of the second generation of Kennedy’s to join our team. Having received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, he is responsible for streamlining and scaling operations for emerging expansion. Having spent his life envisioning the future of our operation, Brandon is setting a pace that will be difficult for industry competitors to keep up with. He plays a pivotal role in ensuring that all parts of our operation run smoothly.

Ian joined the Kennedy Landscaping team in 2006 to assist Chuck with the increasing demands of a growing business. Ian has become both a crucial and integral part of our leadership team. His daily tasks include overseeing our landscape maintenance operation, fleet management, customer relations, and incident resolution.

Originally from Québec, Phil joined our team in 2015 and has had a very positive impact on our operation. On any given day, you can be sure that Phil will greet you with a smile and unwavering patience that stems from fathering his two daughters. Phil oversees the full portfolio of maintenance properties and is responsible for safety enforcement, individual performance checks, and organizing team members for efficient operations.

John is our longest standing team-member. John joined the Kennedy Landscaping team in 2006 and is one of our most loyal and relied on employees. John embodies the strong work ethic that characterizes Kennedy Landscaping and works tirelessly until the job is done right. In his time working for us, John has completed hundreds of landscape installation projects and is known for having a keen eye for detail. John has developed many great relationships with various project managers and clients, he possesses extensive hardscape knowledge and a willingness to assist with tasks that go beyond landscaping.

Sustainability Commitment

We believe that it is possible for everybody to do a little bit more when it comes to acting environmentally responsible, that is why we are expeditiously working to phase out all our gas-powered equipment.
By staying up to date with the latest advances in the use of industrial grade rechargeable batteries, it is a very near-sighted goal of ours.
In addition to our team-members picking up and responsibly disposing of non-biohazardous waste that they find on site; we organically recycle all green waste that we remove, into other useful products such as soils and fertilizers.

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